About this attraction

Great British Car Journey is the ultimate trip down Memory Lane. The award-winning classic car museum celebrates 100 years of motoring in the UK. It boasts a collection of marques and models that have long since disappeared from our roads as well as some notable cars, including Lord Baden Powell’s Rolls-Royce, Sir Elton John’s Bentley Continental T and an iconic DeLorean.  

Fully undercover, the family-friendly exhibition features a collection of more than 150 cars, as well as a café, giftshop and unique onsite driving experience. Visitors are guided around the exhibition with a handheld audio-visual device and there’s even a special interactive tour for children with puzzles and games for them to enjoy during their visit. For visitors keen to relive their motoring memories, the unique Drive Dad’s Car experience enables them to get behind the wheel of more than 45 cars and take them for a drive with an accompanying instructor onsite.

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