Shaw Wood Audio Trail

Shaped by Coal - Alfreton to Oakerthorpe

Take a walk along this three hour audio trail and discover fascinating tales of young love and sibling rivalry and how the coal mining industry of the area made the Palmer Moorwood wealthy landowners. 


The circular trail takes in Shaw Wood, an ancient and Semi Natural woodland carpeted with bluebells in the spring and Oakerthorpe Nature Reserve, home to a wide range of habitats and wildlife, birds and insects and managed by the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Reserve.


Find out why Oakerthorpe got its name and why Alfreton appeared in the New York Times.


The trail explains how the Ironstone, Coal and brick makers shaped the area and how the saxons, colliers to railways travelled thought the area. 


The audio trail contains short excerpts taken from a series of interviews with local people who have knowledge and memories of places along the route.  Download the map here. The audio trail in full can be listened to in full here, or in sections by using the links below. Enjoy the social history and landscape of the Amber Valley as you enjoy this walk.


  1. Alfreton Leisure Centre
  2. Alfreton Hall
  3. Alfreton Park
  4. Ironstone and Red Ochre
  5. Brickwork Close
  6. The 5th Tee
  7. Speedwell Mine
  8. The Pond
  9. Oakerthorpe Nature Reserve
  10. Wingfield Manor Colliery
  11. Rykneld Street
  12. South Wingfield Village
  13. Bell pits and Bess's Windows
  14. Yew Trees
  15. Strelley's House
  16. Strelley's Colliery
  17. Parish Church of St Martin's




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