Codnor Castle

Codnor Castle


Codnor Castle is one of only two medieval castles retaining its original medieval architecture in the whole of the county of Derbyshire, the other being Peveril castle at Castleton.

Codnor Castle has a very rich history and the castle site dates back to the 11th century. Codnor castle was the home and power base to one of medieval England's most powerful family's for 300 years; the De Grey family or otherwise known as the Baron's Grey of Codnor. The De Grey family were wide spread all over England; Thurrock in Essex, Ruthyn in Wales, Wilton in Rotherfield and Chillingham in Northumberland. The senior members of this powerful and very influential family were seated here at Codnor castle.

The main aim of the Codnor Castle Heritage Trust is to ensure Codnor Castle is preserved for the future and to promote the castle as a major site of local and national historic importance. The Codnor Castle Heritage Trust are also committed to ongoing archaeological survey's of the castle site as well as developing an educational program where we will visit schools and public events to give interpretations of medieval life, and inform the public of the fantastic local heritage we have on our door step.

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